Research Priority Areas of the ESRF

The Management Board has identified the following 2020-2025 research priorities for the Environmental Studies Research Fund.

Research Area Research needs / Questions to answer
  • Oil spill preparedness and response for impacts to seabirds
  • Decline of Leach’s storm petrel populations in Atlantic Canada
  • Attraction of migratory birds to lighting
Indigenous knowledge studies
  • Understand what is Indigenous knowledge (IK)
  • Determine how IK could be included in research projects
Climate change
  • Impacts and adaptations
Marine mammals and fish
  • Improve data / knowledge of marine mammals in deeper waters of Newfoundland & Labrador offshore
  • Data gaps in location of spawning and rearing areas offshore Newfoundland & Labrador
  • Atlantic salmon migratory behaviours at sea
Coral and sponges communities
  • Understanding the potential effects of smothering and drill cutting on coral and sponge communities
Oil spill effects and responses
  • Timely/effective oil spill treatment strategies
  • Spill fate and effects (modeling)
Marine noise
  • Effect of seismic surveys
  • Impact of marine noise