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Queries re ESRF Full Proposal Call

Will proposals including genomics be entertained?

The primary focus of the full proposal call is to address behaviour and catchability of free-swimming fish to seismic survey sound energy. Genomics, if included, should be priced separately and the potential relevance and relationship of the genomic information to fish behaviour and catchability should be articulated in terms of current knowledge and the hypotheses to be tested using the genomics data to be collected.

Is “catchability” to be addressed through catch per unit effort data only or will “catchability” inferred from behaviour in response to seismic survey sound energy be entertained?

Bidders should consider that one of the stakeholder groups interested in this work is the commercial fishing industry. Catch per unit effort is a key variable for that industry whether in terms of commercial fishing practices or research fishing practices. If “catchability” as inferred from behaviour is proposed then how that relates to established catch per unit effort measures should be articulated and/or a means of calibration between the two approaches needs to be incorporated into the study.

Are we required to have signed agreements in place securing an “operational seismic air gun array” by the proposal deadline? 

Signed agreements need not be in place securing an “operational seismic air gun array” by the proposal deadline, however a clear operational plan to how this service will be provided and risk mitigation strategies if options fall through should be detailed in the proposal.

While you state “physiological responses will not be funded” are lab-based behavioural studies using representative sound exposure levels be permitted? 

Lab based behavioural studies are not ruled out a priori however, as the Applicants’ Guide notes, lab work must be used to support open ocean/free swimming work.