The ESRF has sponsored studies on oil and gas exploration and development on frontier lands, including such topics as environmental effects on fish, bird and animal habits and habitats, iceberg detection and flow patterns, oil spill prevention and countermeasures, dispersant effectiveness in cold waters and ice, frontier social and economic issues, improving accuracy of ocean and weather forecasting, and verification of codes and standards.

All ESRF studies are subject to a scientific/technical peer review. Reports that are deemed to be scientifically or technically significant are published in the ESRF Technical Report Series.

Below you will find studies published with the last 5 years.

Earlier reports can be requested by contacting the ESRF Secretariat.

Environmental Effects and Monitoring

Recommended Seabird and Marine Mammal Observational Protocols for Atlantic Canada
2004, Moulton, VD and BD Mactavish
Sable Island Air Monitoring Program Report: 2003-2006
2010, Waugh, D and T. Inkpen., M. Hingston., S. Keast., J. McPherson., D. Worthy., G. Forbes.
Effects of Seismic Survey Sound on Cetaceans in the Northwest Atlantic
2010, Moulton, VD and M Holst.
Bosworth Creek Water Quality Data Study:Final Report
2011, Collins, LA, CD Murray and RT Stainton.
Proceedings of a Workshop on Seismic Sound Propagation Characteristics in the Beaufort Sea, Calgary, Alberta, July 14-15, 2009
2010, Moulton, VD and WJ Richardson.
Mapping the Spatial Distribution of Juvenile and Spawning Activities for Five Selected Finfish Species off the Labrador and Northeastern Newfoundland Shelf
2010, French, EBS and LMN Ollerhead.
Report of a Workshop on Fish Behavior in Response to Seismic Sound
2011, CEF Consultants Limited.
Ecologically-based criteria to assess the impact and recovery of seismic lines: The importance of width, regeneration, and seismic line density
2011, Bayne, E, H Lankau and J Tigner.
Refinement and Validation of Numerical Risk Assessment Models for use in Atlantic Canada
2013, Niu, H and K Lee.
Effects of Offshore Oil and Gas Production on Air Quality in Canada’s East Coast Offshore Areas
2013, Stantec Consulting Llimited.
Biological Effects of Produced Water from Offshore Canadian Atlantic Oil and Gas Platforms on Various Life Stages of Marine Fish
2013, Courtenay, Simon, Monica Lyons, Monica Boudreau, Les Burridge and Ken Lee Centre for Offshore Oil, Gas and Energy Research (COOGER).
Effects of Seismic Air-Gun Sounds on Lobster (Homarus americanus): Pilot Laboratory Studies with (i) a Recorded Track from a Seismic Survey and (ii) Air-Gun Pulse Exposures over 5 Days
2015, Payne, JF, CD Andrews, J Hanlon, J Lawson, A Mathieu, A Wadsworth, and B French.
Arrival and distribution of beluga whales (Delphinapterus leucas) along the Mackenzie Shelf: Report on the spring aerial surveys
2016, Hoover, C, C Hornby, M Ouellette, V Torontow, K Hynes and L Loseto.
Ocean Currents and Benthic Habitat in the Sackville Spur Region
2016, Greenan, BJW, D Hebert, D Cardoso, EL Kenchington, L Beazley and A van der Baaren.
Uniqueness of Fishes and Habitat Utilization in Oil & Gas Lease Blocks Relative to Non-Lease Areas in the Canadian Beaufort Sea
2016, Majewski, AR, KD Suchy, SP Atchison, J Henry, SA MacPhee, W Walkusz, J Eert, M Dempsey, A Niemi, L de Montety, M Geoffroy, C Giraldo, C Michel, P Archambault, WJ Williams, L Fortier and JD Reist.
Beaufort Regional Coastal Sensitivity Atlas
2014, Environment and Climate Change Canada.
Effect of Seismic Energy on Snow Crab (Chionoecetes opilio)
2003, Christian, J.R., A.M. Mathieu, D. H. Thomson, D. White and R.A. Buchanan
Acoustic Monitoring and Marine Mammal Surveys in the Gully and Outer Scotian Shelf Before and During Active Seismic Programs
2005, Lee, K., H. Bain and G.V. Hurley, (eds.)
Potential Effects of Seismic Airgun Discharges on Monkfish Eggs (Lophius americanus) and Larvae
2009, Payne, J .F., Coady and D. White
Pilot Study on the Effects of Seismic Air Gun Noise on Lobster (Homarus americanus)
2007, Payne, J.F., C.A. Andrews, L.L. Fancey, A.L. Cook and J.R. Christian
Potential Impacts of Seismic Energy on Snow Crab: An Update to the 2004 Peer Review
2009, Courtenay, S.C., M. Boudreau and K. Lee
Proceedings of a Workshop to Develop Methodologies for Conducting Research on the Effects of Seismic Exploration on the Canadian East Coast Fishery, Halifax, Nova Scotia, September 7-8 2000
2001, Thomson, D.H., J.W. Lawson and A. Muecke
Tainting of Finfish by Petroleum Hydrocarbons.
1987 Ernst, R.J., W.M.N. Ratnayake, T.E. Farquharson, R.G. Ackman and W.G. Tidmarsh
Evaluation of the Potential Effects of Major Oil Spills on Grand Banks Commercial Fish Species as a Result of Impacts on Eggs and Larvae
1991 Hurlbut, S.E., D.P. French and B.J. Taylor.
The Risk of Tainting Flatfish Stocks During Offshore Oil Spills
1993 S.L. Ross Environmental Research Limited and Ledrew, Fudge and Associates
Workshop on Cumulative Environmental Effects Assessment and Monitoring on the Grand Banks and Scotia Shelf
2000 Hatch Associates Limited and Griffiths Muecke Associates
Seabird Attraction to Offshore Platforms and Seabird Monitoring from Offshore Support Vessels and other Ships Literature Review and Monitoring Design
1999 Montevecchi, W.A., F.K. Wiese, G. Davoren, A.W. Diamond, F. Huettmann, J. Linke
Sheens Associated with Produced Water Effluents – Review of Causes and Mitigation Options
2003 ERIN Consulting Ltd. and OCL Services Ltd.
Environmental Effects Monitoring For Exploration Drilling
2003 Buchanan, R. A., J. A. Cook and A.M. Mathieu
Workshop on Dispersant Use in Eastern Canada
2004 Trudel, K.
Chronic Effects of Seismic Energy on Snow Crab (Chionoecetes opilio)
2004 Christian, J.R., A. Mathieu, and R. A. Buchanan.
Vegatation Changes on Seismic Lines from Recent (2000-2001) and Historic (1970-1986) Seismic Programs in the Mackenzie Delta Area
2006 Kemper, J. Todd.
Mapping the Spawning Times and Locations for Ten Commercially Important Fish Species Found on the Grand Banks of Newfoundland
2004 L.M.N. Ollerhead, M.J. Morgan, D.A. Scruton, and B. Marrie.
Mapping Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Spawning Areas for Eight Finfish Species Found on the Scotian Shelf–
2007 L.M.N. Ollerhead
Mapping the Spatial Distribution of Juveniles for Nine Selected Finfish Species Found in the Gulf of St. Lawrence
2007 L.M.N. Ollerhead and J. Lawrence
Offshore Seabird Monitoring Program
2009 Fifield, D.A., K.P. Lewis, C. Gjerdrum, G.J. Robertson, R. Wells

Frontier Social and Economic Issues

2010 Review of Tuktoyaktuk Harbour as a Base for Offshore Oil & Gas Exploration and Development
2010, Kavik-Axys Inc.
An Assessment of Predicted Socio-Economic Impacts of Labrador Shelf and Gas Activity on Labrador Communities and Individuals
2011, Sikimuit Environmental Management Limited.

Ice-Icebergs-Ice Detection

Improving the Accuracy of the Short-term Ice and Ocean Forecasts in the Beaufort Sea
2016, Lu, Youyu, Gregory Smith, Mark Buehner and Tom Carrieres.

Oil Spill Research and Countermeasures

Beaufort Sea Oil Spills State of Knowledge Review and Identification of Key Issues
2010, SL Ross Environmental Research Limited, DF Dickins Associates LLC, and Envision Planning Solutions Inc.
Strategic Plan for Oil Spill Research in Canadian Arctic Waters
2013, C-CORE.
Roadmap for Planning Controlled Oil Spill Countermeasures Research in the Canadian Beaufort Sea
2015, SL Ross Environmental Research Limited, IMG Golder Corporation Environmental Consulting and Golder Associates.
Biodegradation of Naturally and Chemically Dispersed Crude Oils and Scotian Shelf Condensate from Atlantic Canada
2015, National Research Council Canada, Fisheries and Oceans Canada - Centre for Offshore Oil, Gas and Energy Research.
Upstream Oil and Gas Waste Stream Study
2016, AMEC Foster Wheeler.
An Integrated Approach to Oil Spill Preparedness and Response
2008 Newfoundland and Labrador Environmental Industry Association, L. Grattan & Associates and The Institute for the Advancement of Public Policy, Inc.

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